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Natyaratna Indian Classical Dance Show

Hubli and Belgaum Audition Promo

DateNovember 7th & 8th

Kumara Gandharva Hali, Beside S P Office, Subhash Nagar, Belgaum -590001

About Natyaratna

According to Indian mythology lord Brahma after creating the four Vedas which forms the basis of Sanatana Dharma is believed to have created the 5th veda which is a derivative of all the four Vedas which thus became Natyaveda. This treatise was handed to sage Bharata who chronicled the form & methodology of the classical art forms of music, dance & theatre in his Natyashastra. Thus, marked the beginning of the art form of Bharatanatyam, a complete dance form that enables the artist to communicate with the gods and share the joy with the audience.

While for centuries the magnificent temples have been the sacred houses of Bharatanatyam and its dancers, the medieval times rendered them in the courts of kings followed by its revival in the mid nineteenth century by one of India's finest artists & visionary revivalist Smt.Rukmini devi. Bharatanatyam in the last fifty years has come to be widely accepted as part of the samskaras imparted to children & young people in south Indian households and some of its legendary performers have taken the form to many international fora.

The 21st century has ushered satellite television into Indian homes in a huge way thus impacting its socio-cultural scenario. While popular forms of singing & dancing have found discerning audiences among the millions of TV viewers, classical forms such as Bharatanatyam have had to be content music and dance festivals which have primarily provided the dancers their stage for artistic expression.

It is this bridging of that gap that we intend to achieve through our ambitious endeavour namely ‘Natyaratna’! Through this show we wish to adapt one of the world’s ancient art forms, to today's television. This will perhaps be the world’s first reality show for Bharatanatyam, which will provide a platform for 100’s of aspirants to participate & win. The main objective of this show is to provide a space for aspiring young dancers in two age groups (7-14 yrs& 15-30 yrs). While the young dancers get an opportunity to present their dance to the viewers across the world, they can also attempt at excelling in the competition by vying for the coveted title of Natyaratna Junior & Senior 2015/16.

The format being very simple, auditions shall be conducted across major Indian centres, judged by accomplished Bharatanatyam Gurus who will select 100 talented dancers in both categories, who will then participate in the Pre Quarters, Quarters, Semi Finals & Grand Finale, ending with the title in each category, as the “Natyaratna Junior & Natyaratna Senior”.

Career With Us

At NATYARATNA we believe, in meeting the professional expectations of our volunteers as well as giving them a career path that helps meet their aspirations. With our vision to create and nurture the hidden potential of each person and help them for a better future.

We at NATYARATNA provide unending possibilities of growth to our volunteers and anchors and recognize the importance of continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities. We are committed to evolving our approach and methodologies to meet global standards of the industry. By its virtue and foundation brings across highest standards of values, integrity and ethics in its people and work functions which is a benchmark across the industry.

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